FAQ for
tech talents

Why should I participate in the program?

Our team loves to connect outstanding talents with our innovative clients, so our program is focused on technical and digital talents first. As such, you will have exceptional career opportunities. This includes choosing potential employers and teams, evaluating of fitting projects and technologies, negotiating an appropriate salary, and compare various employer benefits. We help you take the right steps at the right time and ensure the best conditions. Therefore, you will be assigned a personal consultant who will provide you with sustainable advice.

What are the cost for me?

Our personal support is and remains free of charge for you as a talent.

Is the program also aimed at young professionals?

Of course. We have many clients who are also looking for career starters. we are talents would like to accompany you in your long-term and sustainable development and give you regular tips on how to develop your profile as a Tech & Digital Expert. Therefore, we also like to work with young professionals

I’m not actively looking for a job right now… 

And you’re wondering if the service of we are talents still makes sense to you. Sure. We want to establish a lasting and long-term partnership with you. Please feel free to use our team as a sparring partner for all questions regarding technological developments, good career steps, suitable salaries, questions about CVs, etc. We are happy to help.

Which knowledge and skills are required?

Our clients are looking for a wide range of talents in the fields of technology and digital in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here there are various options from (junior) developers to product owners and CTOs. The annual stackoverflow survey provides a very good overview of currently relevant skills and and fits in well with our daily experience.

How long does a process take until a hiring?

That depends very much on the processes at our clients. From small start-ups, where the founder hires on a gut feeling basis, to large international corporations with 3-5 step HR processes, we have it all. On average it takes only a few weeks to complete the process and our team can usually give you a forecast at the first contact.

Do you really offer the support only for tech talents?

Yes, at present we have concentrated our program on tech & digital, as we have many years of expertise in this area.

FAQ for
tech employers

Why should we work with we are talents?

As a fast-growing company with vacancies in the tech and digital environment, you know your daily war for talents. You are aware of the fact that only the big brands actually receive a relevant number of applications.

we are talents supports you here in a simple, uncomplicated way and without any pressure to inspire suitable talents from your company. Our large network of over 10,000 tech and digital talents in DACH, our connections to universities and our own AI help to fill vacancies often within days or a few weeks.

We do this at very fair conditions and always focused on a sustainable partnership. Just test us with your toughest tech vacancy!

How does the we are talents team find candidates?

Our team in Berlin has been 100% specialized in vacancies in the tech and digital sectors since its foundation a few years ago.
Accordingly, we use different ways to inspire suitable talents for your company:
– we in the meantime have a network of over 10,000 tech and digital talents with whom we are in trustful contact
– our founders are very well networked at universities and colleges
– our internally developed AI helps us find suitable candidates through various public and closed sources

Here too, you are invited to simply test us with a very difficult vacancy.

How do you ensure the promised high accuracy of fit of the candidates?

To put it in a nutshell: We don’t want to waste your time or ours. More than 80% of our candidates get into selection processes with our clients, because we live sustainable partnerships and simply present really suitable talents only.

But also to stay honest: A detailed briefing from your side before the start of the search is also crucial.

As a company, can I have direct access to your applicant database?

No, sorry. We have a long-term and as close as possible personal partnership with our talents, but also with all our customers.

This also includes individual support based on the preferences of the respective person. Accordingly, we personally inspire talents with your company and only pass on profiles when the candidate’s GO is well thought-out.

What are the commission fees?

In contrast to the market, we live a very simple and transparent model. Our fully performance-based commission is basically 25% for all clients and company sizes.

In addition, it is also possible to book an interim recruitment consultant from our team fully dedicated for a minimum of 5 days.

What are the other terms and conditions of the contract?

We aim for fair and long-term partnerships with our partners. Accordingly, our usual contractual terms and conditions are geared towards a long-term relationship.
We would be happy to discuss the details with you individually. Of course, we have a simple template here, which we would be happy to provide you with.

Further questions?